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2010-Apr-24 - Wooroloo - Ceiling # 12
I decided against working out at the house on week evenings - but thought I would give it a try going out on Friday night, doing some work, staying overnight and getting straight back in to work by 6.00 am the next morning.

This way I would save a lot of time on return trips and unpacking and packing tools, plus avoid travelling while tired.

I reached the site at about 8.00 pm on Friday evening.

First I needed to clean out the bathroom area that I intended to use as a temporary bedroom.

After giving the floor a good vacuum, I laid some black plastic and then a temporary mattress that Linda provided.

After adding bedclothes, reading materials, a change of clothing for the next day, and provisions for breakfast the next morning - it all looked quite cosy.

I then brought in all my working tools. I was contemplating installing some insulation batts but decided I didn't want to go to bed all itchy so turned in at 10.30 pm.

I had a "bird bath" using a washing up bowl and hot water from the kettle and went to bed amazingly clean and fresh.

I slept very well considering my makeshift surroundings.

The next morning I was up at 5.00 am, had my toast, vegemite and coffee and, after packing away the temporary bedroom, started work by 6.15 am.

The first job was to insert some batts in a narrow strip between the laundry wall and a structural beam in the garage area.

Working on my own, on small pieces of gyprock, I improvised by stacking some boxes on top of a ladder to push the gyprock up in to the ceiling. This allowed me to fix the gyprock at my leisure.

Peter arrived at 7.00 am and I set him to cutting up some more of the narrow panels and helping me to install them.

While Peter worked on yet more light angle iron for a tricky area between structural beams, I investigated the bathroom exhaust ducting.

I used the diamond tipped saw to remove a small square of cement sheeting from the inside and then a jigsaw to cut a circular hole from the outside.

I inserted, screwed and sealed this fixture and hooked up the exhaust ducting to it.

I have bought an extra length to connect this piece of ducting to the ceiling fan as the length provided was 300 mm short.

I also measured, cut and inserted a length of 90 mm white PVC storm piping to carry the range hood extraction fan output through to the workshop area. This will be futher ducted out of the workshop, some time down the track.

Meanwhile Peter had finished with the light angle iron.

I spent the next three hours inserting insulation batts in to a fairly large area of the garage ceiling (slightly less than a quarter of the garage area).

By now the time was getting on to 3.30pm and I was starting to wonder if we could finish the garage lining today.

Peter did a sterling job measuring, cutting and marking up the gyprock while I packed up and cleaned up.

With the two of us working together to drive in the screws we were able to install three 2.8 m sheets by 6.30 pm.

That's the garage area completed - now on to the laundry / bathroom area next week.

Quite a productive day really.

Bathroom exhaust - external vent

Bathroom exhaust - ducting to external vent

Narrow strip between laundry wall and beam

Light angle iron in to PFC

The new area of insulation (and Peter)

Peter applying stud glue for the gyprock

Last area of the garage lined