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2010-Apr-7 - Wooroloo - Ceiling #9
Still trying to make some progress on the ceiling.

Wednesday night, 6.00 pm, as soon as I finished my work for the day I shot out to Wooroloo.

There are signs of a significant cloud burst - rutting of the dirt driveway and sand washed around at the back door.

It looks like the temporary gutter on the temporary roof is not really up to handling a sudden downpour.

Also the plumbing to the tank might already be blocked with leaves - must investigate some leaf guard for the guttering.

I must investigate fitting oversize gutters on the final rooves.

Also there is a plague of Portuguese Millipedes.

I was puzzled by the presence of some water along the laundry wall inside.

I turns out it is coming from the truncated 50mm waste line that we cut off at floor level. (we will be replacing it with a 65mm external, visible line later on)

I must get something to cap off 50mm on the outside.

I installed two rows of seven batts ready for the next set of 2.8m sheets taking us up to the laundry / garage wall.

More insulation batts