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2021-Jan-9 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #8
Saturday was very hot - very much half an hour on, half an hour off.

The main job was to install the last piece of building wrap over the void area.

This might sound simple but I had to perform a lot of level checking and fudging.

Also I wanted to tuck the bottom edge of the wrap up under the cladding so that in a few year's time when I convert the void area in to a workshop, I will be able to pop out unweathered material.

I measured and folded the wrap inside out of the heat.

In the middle of the day I had to retreat inside for a couple of hours.

When I emerged I intended to fasten the first WeatherTex plank across the void.

I was sure that I had a few lengths down in the basement but it turns out that I had none.

I then went on to working on a lot of bits and pieces tasks that I had been avoiding for a few weeks - so all was not lost.

Jim and Sandy dropped by so I slacked off for another hour while we had coffee which I was very glad to do.

All in all, not a very productive day.

Last piece of building wrap