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2021-Sep-11 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #39
I had a disastrous equipment failure today.

My coffee machine stopped working.

So down to the local deli to buy a small jar of instant coffee.

When I opened my cupboard door to put it away I noticed that I had a progression of successively aging jars from previous let downs (usually forgetting to bring enough pods).

I am really going to have to give these jars away after taking just a couple of spoon fulls of granules from them - instead of wasting them.

Apart from this I have a very successful site visit.

I headed out on Friday, stayed overnight, worked Saturday and headed home after eating my dinner.

This time I managed to install 3 sets of runs, each with 4 floorboards.

I need just one more floorboard to complete the job - then that back quarter will be finished (main bedroom).

You will notice that the second image looks a bit scary - every scratch and flaw shows up because this was taken with a flash instead of using overhead light.

I am sure that when these floorboards are sanded - this will remove a mulitude of sins.

Just one more 4 run needed

End of the day - needs one more floorboard