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2010-Apr-3 - Wooroloo - Ceiling #8
This was a fairly chaotic day - keeping everyone busy.

Peter and I cut a 3m sheet to size and installed it using the sheet lifter.

We then restored all the brackets for the roller door.

I installed more insulation towards the laundry wall and managed to cover this with a variety of fixed and removeable lining.

I would have finished the whole run, but an offcut piece I was carefully cultivating (740 x 1200 mm) broke in half in my hands.

I did not want to subdivide a whole sheet just for this fragment, so I will have to wait until some of the larger areas have been completed.

Meanwhile Peter installed more of the light angle iron in the laundry area.

Peter helping to install the 3rd sheet

Installing light angle iron in laundry area

The next section of ceiling