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2010-Mar-30 - Wooroloo - Ceiling #6
I've been a bit side tracked from installing the ceiling for the last week.

I thought I would try to put in some evening work on Tuesday in an attempt to catch up.

Left home at 6.30pm and working on site at 7.00 pm.

Packed up and left site at 9.30pm

It's not many hours on site, but at least if I get home by 10.00 pm it is sustainable.

I tried out my new toy, the sheet lifter, for the first time.

It worked pleasingly well and I was able to easily install a 2.8 m sheet on my own.

Fixing off seems to take a lot of time, so it will be handy to have someone else with me in future.

I used gyprock glue on this sheet, following the instructions on the container (which quite frankly seem rather contradictory).

All the other smaller panels, installed up until now, have been screwed only, so that they can be removed for later construction steps.

Sheet loaded and almost in position

Positioning the sheet

Fixed off and lighting cable pulled through