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2010-Mar-27 - Wooroloo - Workshop #1
The void area housing the water tank will eventually be turned into a workshop area.

At the moment there is a lot of trenching along one edge from the electrical conduiting.

I'm getting rather tired of falling in to this trench every time I walk in to this area.

Today was too unsettled to get on with the ceiling lining so I took it as a good opportunity to continue with the other water management construction activities and install some ground drainage that I have been meaning to do for a long time.

I set up the laser level and then explained to Hugo how it worked and the levels we were trying to achieve.

Essentially we are attempting to achieve a unfinished ground level that is at least 50mm below the garage slab finished level (so we can lay 600 mm slabs) and a fall of 30cm over 12 m from one end of the workshop to the sump.

We used the laser level to set reference points in 4 places and Hugo and Max did a very good job of grading the trench levels.

They then inserted the drainage pipe.

I used the chainsaw to remove another block of wood from within the well.

The tail of the drainage pipe was threaded through and cut to length.

Next week we will use a wheel barrow to move some sand around and clean up this area completely.

I might plumb the overflow from the water tank in first though.

Also the water outflow from the air conditioner and a mains water line to a future tap on the east side of the workshop.

Hugo digging the trench

New drainage pipe entering sump

Water pipe to tap position needs extension.