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2021-Sep-4 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #38
I decided to pull a double day effort.

My progress is so pitifully slow that I need to do something to speed it up.

I headed out to site on Friday morning, stayed overnight and was back on the job at 7.00 am on Saturday morning.

I installed a run of 4 on Friday and prepared for the next run (moving supporting frames around).

On Saturday I had another run of 4 installed by midday, had a break until 1.00 pm and then started preparing for a third set of runs.

I was at the transistion stage between two sets of supporting frames for the temporary roof.

This meant I needed to reinstall previously removed timbers and remove some of the next frames.

The mid position frame is the trickiest - I only wish to create 10 mm holes in the floor board so that they can later be repaired with 10 mm plugs. This means it is difficult to insert the 10mm bolts as they are a tight fit.

After re-establishing one frame I need to link the top of it across to the next frame so that I can remove the next upright to give clearance for installing the floorboards.

All of this fiddly work took me up to 4.00 pm at which point Jim and Sandy invited me over for coffee.

After that I needed to button up the site and pack away all my tools - so that was the end of work for this visit.

I am getting close to finishing this quarter section of the floor.

Progress by the end of Saturday

Still to do