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2010-Mar-27 - Wooroloo - Ceiling #5
I didn't make much progress with the ceiling this week.

There was too much pressure with work for clients to spend any evenings inserting insulation batts.

Also, this morning, Peter, my main man for doing lining work - was unwell.

I decided to concentrate on other tasks around the construction site.

At least the sheet lifter arrived - it didn't turn up on Wednesday, as promised by the freight company.

I put a little put of pressure on them to make sure it turned up on Thursday.

It is very lightweight construction with pretty poor tolerances - but I think, at $185, it is extremely good value.

I took it out to site ready for work.

Peter turned up later in the day and we spent some time removing roller door support brackets (and installing temporary props) so that the ceiling panel could go straight in to place.

Cheap sheet lifter