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2010-Mar-20 - Wooroloo - Installing Temporary Roof # 13
What with the gyprock ceiling going in and the electricals already installed I decided that it was important to check for any leaks in the temporary roof.

Also I wanted to work on the issue of all the roof water being dumped at the back door.

About half a year ago, Ian gave me some long lengths of folded sheet metal that could be used as guttering.

I worked out a strategy for mounting it - (no eave timbers to hang brackets under and wrong profile) and had Kaj install about 15 x 900 mm angle iron brackets to hang the lengths off.

At the time, Kaj needed me to come up on the roof and help him attach the guttering. I really wanted to press on with the inside wall lining so decided to defer that job until a little later.

This weekend, I had two WWOOF helpers - Peter and Hugo.

So it was an ideal day to deal with the guttering.

It pretty much installed the way I envisaged it.

Peter and Hugo did a brilliant job and had the job finished much sooner that I expected.

All I need to do now is make up some end stops, install a pop, and run some storm water piping in to the tank.

Peter and Hugo swept all the leaves and branches off the roof and we gave it a good blow out with the leaf blower.

We also started work on screwing down any slightly loose sheet metal overlaps - this involved backing out the tek screws, sweeping out any dust, inserting silicon sealant, screwing back down and adding extra tek screws.

We still need to have a good walk over the roof and reseal any obvious holes that were missed during the roofing process.