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2010-Mar-18 - Wooroloo - Ceiling #3
It took me a day to recover from my previous late evening work session.

Thursday, as soon as I finished work for the day, I grabbed a few provisions and headed off.

I arrived with half an hour of sunlight to spare and quickly attached some saddles to the riser on the builder's power pole (the electrician told me that cable ties were not up to standard). I then filled in the ceiling with a few more insulation batts.

Mainly I worked on installing a narrow strip (2 purlins wide) along the east side.

This also makes use, on one edge, of the light angle iron that Peter installed last weekend.

I am using small washers under the heads of the plaster screws so that these panels can be removed and reinstalled.

I need to have access to some areas for when I install the next level of structure on top.

Rusty, at the hardware, showed me a new technique for cutting gyprock (I had been using a diamond tipped saw which creates a lot of dust).

He showed me that you can just score the paper, fold the board and then cut through the paper on the other side with a knife. (I know this is very obvious to every one else - but it was new to me).

Worked pretty well.

I left at 11.15 pm and still didn't get to bed until 1.00 am in the morning.

I made a fair bit of progress though.

I'm still waiting for the sheet lifter to come - it would be absolutely fabulous if I had it in time to install some sheets on Saturday.

I will have two other people able to help me on Saturday, but if we have no lifter, I would rather take a gentler approach and just spend the day installing batts.

More batts installed

Strip down the east side