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2010-Mar-16 - Wooroloo - Ceiling #2
I really want to get this particular job finished quickly - it could easily drag in to several months.

Monday morning I ordered a very cheap sheet lift.

It was only $185 which probably means it has a very light construction - however, if I am careful with it - I should be able to do the ceilings of one house before it falls apart.

I know there are a lot of hours required to insert insulation batts in to the ceiling.

It occurred to me, that rather than watching television in the evening, I could nip out to the building site and make a bit of progress late each day.

I tried this out today (Tuesday) . Dinner was quite late, so I didn't get out there until 9.00 pm and needed to pack up and leave at 11.30 pm. So not a huge amount of work achieved - but some progress.

I think I might skip dinner next time, take a sandwich and shoot off at say 6.00 pm as soon as I have finished my day work.

Anyway - while I was there, I started by removing most of the long strips of gyprock previously installed to allow mounting of the roller doors.

I intend to slide complete sheets in under the mounting frames. It will be a little bit fiddly but will mean a lot less work in the end when it comes to flushing the joins.

All I have left of the strips in each case is maybe 20 cm under the mounting bolts - in fact if I had had more knowledge at the time, the mounting sheets could have been much, much smaller and installed with far less work.

I then experimented with inserting the batts between the purlins, using one edge of the Z for support and some clear packing tape to hold the batts in place.

It seems to be holding so far.

I didn't get home until midnight and didn't get to bed until 1.00 am - so I'm feeling pretty rough this morning.

I must work on doing this far earlier in the evening.