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2010-Mar-13 - Wooroloo - Electrical # 14
To be honest, I didn't really expect the electricians to show up on Thursday.

I expected delays of a few days, giving me time to complete a few items in preparation for them.

Fortunately, they need to come back on Monday for some outstanding matters - so this Saturday I was able to rework the sump pump power arrangement.

At the moment, the sump pump is wired directly in to a circuit running back to the switch box.

This means that if a pump fails (which they often do every 3 years) then I have to call in an electrician to wire it in.

Also pumps always seem to fail at the worst possible moment (heavy rains) so I run the risk of being unable to pump for a few days when I most need to.

What I have done, is request a weather proof GPO to be mounted on a temporary veranda post.

I have also asked Peter, our current WWOOFer to trench a conduit from the sump to the base of this post.

I'll have the electrican put a plug back on to the tail of the pump and then we can poke it through the conduit (90 mm storm water pipe) and plug it in to the GPO.

This means I can easily and quickly replace the pump myself.

Also, if there is ever a prolonged power failure - I can use my portable generator to power the sump pump.

Peter did a great job digging the trench.

I used a chainsaw to cut an entry hole in to the side of the well.

Peter used his bare hands and some premixed concrete to seal this hole up against sand entry.

New 'conduit" for rapid installation of a new pump

Peter sealing the edges of the new hole