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2010-Mar-6 - Wooroloo - Internal Cladding # 15
Hooray !

We finished the internal lining today !

Peter came along to help me - it made a huge difference and we got all sorts of work finished.

The main objective today was to finish the bathroom lining and then install the drop purlins so that enough room existed in the false bathroom ceiling to take an exhaust fan / lights / heater.

The first task I gave to Peter was to measure, mark and predrill all fixing points on the last sheet.

In the meantime I installed the insulation.

Installing and fastening the sheet went so much more quickly with two people.

While Peter searched my pile of 150 mm Z purlin, I measured and cut a small piece of sheeting just large enough to accommodate the four function bathroom light.

I cut all the purlins to length while Peter did the hard work of fastening them under the existing ceiling joists.

After that, it was only a matter of half an hour to fix the temporary light mounting sheet and insert the lighting unit.

I also pulled the electrical cables in to the correct run and installed the anaconda exhaust ducting towards Ian's side.

I'm 300 mm short of target here so I will need to find some way to extend the ducting until it can reach a wall mounted exhaust fitting.

Peter predrilling all the fixing points

Insulation installed in the last section of wall

Last piece of lining installed in bathroom

Peter fastening the drop purlins

Drop purlins installed

Drop purlins installed

Temporary mounting plate for fan / lights

Fan / lights fitting inserted into temporary board