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2010-Feb-13 - Wooroloo - Internal Cladding # 12
I told Ross next door, a few months ago, that it would probably take me 3 months to line the inside of the garage / laundry.

He didn't believe me - said it would be much quicker than that.

Well here we are at week 12, and I still have two walls to go in the bathroom.

Today, first off, I insulated the last small section of wall between the laundry and garage area.

The area of cement sheeting was quite small and I easily managed it on my own.

Then a bit of trim around the door and a bit more fastening of the work done last week.

Now the entire laundry area is internally lined.

Next I needed to "mock up" the entire bathroom area.

This is so Linda and I can walk around in it and get a good feel for the layout and its consequences.

I obtained a second hand shower cubicle from Vinsans for a very reasonable price - $150 and I was itching to see how it would look.

I used some floorboards to represent the additional height that will be added to the floor by screeding, some bricks to represent the hobb and then temporarily erected it.

About a month ago I also knocked together, very quickly, 3 boxes to represent the trough, washing machine and dryer.

I clamped these to the wall to see how they worked in relation to the shower cubicle

Then I tested if the shower door could be opened without striking the washing machine.

Last bit of insulation

Wall all finished

Shower cubicle mocked up

Mocked up trough, washing maching, dryer

Shower in relation to washing machine

Enough room for shower door to open