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2020-Dec-26 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #6
During the week I primed and top coated the external staff beading for the stairwell window frame.

I also visited the site on Wednesday to apply the flashing to the window frame in preparation for installing on Saturday.

This involved creating a small trench up the sides using a trimmer (small router) and stapling on and sealing on the flashing material.


I installed the window frame in to the rough opening.

This involved a lot of careful working to make sure the frame was flush with the outside wall and plumb.

I fixed it off using 4 bugle screws on each side and two across the top, as well as nylon packers.

I had forgotten to apply the brushes to the external staff beading - so I attached these with screws instead of nails and took them home again for further processing.

Another project I am working on is to strengthen the support of the side wall over the void area.

We have the stud wall sitting on C10015 purlin over the void area which has spans of 2.6 metres.

After using the laser level the other week I detected a 5 mm deviation in the purlin in the middle of one of these spans.

I am strengthening this purlin with an additional set of C15019 purlins in each span.

So far I have managed to tech screw the 150 mm purlin under the 100 mm purlin - but I still need to install support brackets at each end.

Stairwell window frame installed

Strengthening the spans across the void