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2010-Feb-6 - Wooroloo - Internal Cladding # 11
We were sad to see Kaj go - but he wanted to spend a few days in the city shopping for some presents before he went.

So, again this weekend I was on my own.

First off I needed to drop some roof trusses off to Ian - some other people said they would like them but after a year, don't need them after all.

Ian had given me a refrigerator - he had even repainted it for me.

Even better, he had left it just outside the garage door.

I popped over to his place and borrowed his trolley and soon had the fridge installed inside the garage

Once I started work, I realised that I had to move all the kitchen units to the other side of the room.

I nipped back and borrowed Ian's trolley again - and this made the job easy.

Then at the intended joins of the sheets I needed to install additional stud framing steel.

Usually I ask Kaj to do this - so it was a bit of a shock to find I had to do it myself.

In addition, there were some packers under the stud framing, down at floor level, that needed trimming with a large angle grinder so they would not get in the way of the cladding.

I decided to cut the large sheets before inserting any insulation so that I could avoid going outside in the midday sun to do the resizing.

Now that I am working on these large sheets on my own, I need to come up with some different techniques.

Before, when there was two of us, we would lift the sheet on to some horses, to do the cutting.

Now I just work directly on top of the sheeting stack - but make sure that the cutting path is well clear of any other stock.

To move the sheet in to position, I now drag it flat along the ground and only stand it up on its edge when I reach the doorway.

Also I use a long, gently sloping plank to haul it up so that I avoid damaging myself and the delicate edges of the sheet.

The technique I used last week to lift a large sheet in to position worked well - this time it went even more smoothly.

I worked up until 8.15 in the evening and managed to install 3 out of the 4 sheets for the wall - quite good going, considering that I was working on my own

Next week I just need to install the last panel around the doorway.

1st Main sheet in

Small left hand sheet & next level

2nd Main sheet

Last bit to be done on RHS