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2010-Jan-30 - Wooroloo - Internal Cladding # 10
Kaj was unwell after having a tooth extracted so wasn't able to help me today.

I really missed his help

It was very hard work moving a 3.6 m cement sheet around on my own.

By the end of the day I had popped out the back door, installed the sheeting around it and reinstalled the door.

The first job was to slightly improve the padding between the copper piping and the electrical cable.

I had covered the hot water pipe adequately last week, but I needed to buy some more lagging during the week and I used some of this to improve the protection around the cold water pipe.

I then inserted the insulation bat between the lagged copper pipes and the cable conduit to improve the protection even further.

I unscrewed the door from its hinges and removed the complete door frame.

Next I inserted the last of the insulation on the right hand side of the door and fastened all the cement sheet trimming around the door way.

Kaj had done some very good work last week preparing a header sheet for across the top of the door - but I decided that I could cut and install an odd shaped final sheet that would reduce the number of surface joins.

I started work on a 3.6m sheet and after a series of cuts and alterations I had this reduced to a 2.6m length.

This was still very hard work to haul around on my own and I was wondering how I could possibly lift it in to place for fastening.

I was quite pleased with my own cleverness at solving this problem.

First I lifted it on to horses, then I added some shelving units on to the top of the horses and lifted it even higher. Then finally I stacked up cupboard doors incrementally until the sheet was at exactly the right height.

Next week I'm hoping to complete the large wall section between the laundry and the garage - it's a big ask so I don't know how much I will get done.

Improved lagging

Insulation inserted between copper and electrical

Door removed, trimming around door frame

Installing the sheet - step 1

Installing the sheet - step 2

Installing the sheet - step 3

Last sheet fastened, door reinstalled