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2021-Aug-21 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #36
I didn't get out to site this Saturday but I did visit on three other days during the week.

I installed the last 4 runs of the floorboard runs early in the week.

I then created 8 more runs and took these out on Friday.

Also, at home, I created the locking flanges I had been discussing for my cramping brackets.

I am finding that opening up the roof at the beginning of the day and then tucking it up at the end of the day - is a real bugbear.

So on Friday I thought I would try an experiment to see how much of the installation I could do from underneath without lifting the sheeting.

The reworked brackets helped a lot - I did not need to fiddle with both ends of pipe clamps.

Also the newly fitted side flanges worked well and the cramps no longer slipped.

I found it was best to place the runs from above by crawling through the access gallery and completing the fine positioning from below off a ladder.

I also screwed on the cramp flanges from below.

Then I was able to tighten the cramps and squeeze out any gaps between the boards.

I am hoping, that to align and screw down the boards, I can get away with opening a very narrow slot by lifting just two sheets.

I will see how this works out on Monday.

(I will also take some photos then)

Progress by the end of Friday

Using the new clamps

The new clamps