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2010-Jan-23 - Wooroloo - Internal Cladding # 9
I did achieve what I intended to do today - but only at the last moment.

The last wall in the laundry cannot be completed without removing and reinstalling the back door - so it is important to be able to knock the final step of the job over quickly so that the house can be locked up at the end of the day.

This wall will require 4 sheets - two on the left and two near the door.

What I wanted to do today was install the two left sheets and have all the insulation installed in the remaining area.

This means the following week we will be able to quickly pop the door out, install the last two sheets and fasten the door in again.

Cladding the wall on the left hand side was very slow getting started.

Kaj completed a lot of tasks - finishing fastening a sheet from last week, cladding around the tops of doors, running extra cables, installing extra steel in to the stud frame.

However, half my day went on preparing this wall for work.

Before I could even start, Kaj and I had to spend some time moving cabinets and other fixtures for the temporary kitchen.

Then I had to install the switch plate for the light switch that will go near the back door.

Next, some of the copper piping is in direct contact with the zinc of the stud frame. I installed a little bit of polly piping to separate it from the frame. Kaj finished off this job for me.

Then I needed to protect a power cable from a hot water pipe - this involved lagging the pipe and then passing the cable through a conduit.

I had one piece of lagging from my local hardware, so while I was protecting the power cable - I attempted to lag as much of the hot water circuit as possible

I think I will buy some more pieces of lagging during the week and insulate some more of the hot water pipes.

Also I had to finalise the cables for the veranda lighting - these were hanging in a bundle above the back door and I had to drill a hole through the weather tex and stud frame to pass them to the outside wall surface.

Finally I was able to get on with installing insulation. I reached a milestone here - I have now completely used up all the loose batts I had been storing.

It turns out that we could use a full 3.6m sheet on this wall without having to trim its length at all.

We dragged in a piece and I had to spend a lot of time boring holes for the laundry trough connections, washing machine connection and marking out the area of plumbing.

We needed one second attempt where I slightly enlarged some to the holes before the cladding correctly fitted the wall.

The upper sheet went on much more quickly.

While Kaj packed up for the day - I installed insulation in to most of the remaining areas of that wall.

Next week we can make a big push to finalise the laundry wall cladding while keeping the house at lockupstage.

Lower sheet installed

Upper sheet installed

Protecting power cable from hot water pipe

Insulation installed ready for next week