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2020-Dec-19 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #5
During the week I continued preparing the stairwell window frame.

Over a number of days I applied two coats of enamel "Cottage Cream".

Also over a few days I paint stripped the external staff beading.

Both the window frame and the beading will need to be installed before I can make any substantial start to the side wall cladding.

In addition, on Thursday and Friday I had visited the site to mask up and prime the internal surfaces of the most recently installed pair of doors.

I also worked the rebates for the back wall architraves a little more - smoothing out the sharp and ugly trenches in the cladding using a multitool.


I carefully transported the finished window frame out to site and brought it in to the building.

The first job was to reduce the projection of a bolt right in the middle of the rough opening for the window frame.

My intention was to replace a set of washers and a hex nut with a round headed bolt.

To this end I removed the nut from the top and used a driver to push the bolt down through the timber.

There was not enough room for the bolt to be removed from under the stud frame bottom plate.

Also I gave myself a scare as it turned out that I had driven the bolt down in to a water line.

I had to go down to the undercroft level and work from within the kitchen space standing on a ladder.

Fortunately I had not damaged the water line at all but it took a lot of finangling to push the bolt the other way out through the top of the plate.

Also a lot of muck and rubbish (mainly pine needles and other leaves) ended up in the kitchen.

I was cleaning this up when Jim and Sandy visited and we stopped for coffee.

The next job was to install a second run of building wrap above the window rough opening.

This was tricky and time consuming on my own, working off a ladder.

Once this was installed I cut and folded the building wrap in to the rough opening ready for flashing and installing the frame.

The day was hot by now so I retreated to pulling of the masking tape that I had applied on Friday to the door interior.

Then a little painting of the sanded rebates on the back wall.

Finally I set up a laser level opposite the side wall and waited around until dark.

I was able to project a laser datum line on to the side of the building and run along this line marking it up with a "gold" texta.

I will need to work out whether of not I trust this datum line as I was only able to project on to it at an acute angle.

I can make some other measurements relative to the top or bottom of the frames to gain a feel for its accuracy.

Preparing the stairwell window frame

Preparing the external staff beads

Reworking a projecting bolt

Building wrap by end of day