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2022-Jun-25 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #6
I visited the site 3 more times during the week and also on Saturday.

Progress has been slow and difficult.

It took me another day to cut out the floorboards and there was no hope of keeping any of them intact.

I had to cut each board in to short segments.

In those cases where a screw could not be extracted I had to split the board apart with a chisel and hammer.

The next task was to add floor joists at either end to support the cement sheet.

This was complicated by the presence of power cables running across the top plate of the wall below.

I ended up fabricating brackets with a slot in them to fit around these obstacles.

At the other end of the new joist I had to bolt a bracket on to PFC and create a 12 mm hole with limited clearance to swing the drill.

I used an angle drill but the process was difficult and took me 3 hours.

After Saturday, I have almost installed the second new joist but again the 12 mm hole is holding me up.

It will probably take me another 3 hours to finish off and I am hoping to do this early in the next week.


I managed to drill the hole out and mount the second joist.

This took most of the day.

The fibro cement sheet dropped in easily.

Floor finally cut out

Floorboards reduced to fire wood

Fabricated brackets

Fitting around power cables

Floor joist installed using bracket

Safety first

Second floor joist installed

The cement sheet in place