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2020-Dec-5 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #3
During the week I continued on with a few jobs in parallel.

For the doors, I applied some two part expoxy at then new edge joint and sanded it back.

I then starting sanding back the paint and stains around the panes.

For this I used an oscillating multitool.

For the first two sets of doors I completely sanded off the external paint as it was flakey.

For the current sets I am only giving this a light sand as it appears to be in good condition.

There is still some sanding to do.

I am finding the thought of masking up all these panes of glass overwhelming.

There is a product called "Seal and Peel" that I might check out - this could save a lot of time and effort.

Also I stripped the paint off a window frame - this will be in the stairwell and I need to prepare and install it to start the cladding on the last wall.

I had to use that nasty Methylene Chloride to strip it as I am sure the existing paint is lead based.

By the time I am finished there will not be a trace of lead in any of the frames, windows and doors.


I need to work on the interface between the top of the undercroft building wrap and the new cladding area.

This means I need to drop the scaffolding down by 500 mm.

This was hard work.

First of all I needed to remove all of the scaffolding planks.

Some of these weigh over 20 Kg.

Then I needed to tackle many of the clamps to drop the short cross members lower.

Finally I needed to reinistall the scaffolding planks - not an easy task when you are attempting to place a 20 Kg object, down by 500 mm, on to a spindly frame, with nothing to stand on.

Preparing the last two door sets

Paint stripping the window frame