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2020-Nov-28 - Wooroloo - Side Wall #2
A bit of a transition / cleaning up day.

First off, having moved the acro props and scaffolding in to position for the second stud frame - I discovered that the top plate was fine and most likely constructed from H3.

There were no cracks, the compensation plates were not corroded, the paint under the top brackets was intact, stabbing with a screw driver revealed no weaknesses.

So I skipped replacing the second top plate.

Instead I finished bolting down the first top plate replacement and then painted it thoroughly with a mistint external paint for protection.

After this, I permanently nailed on the stops for the second set of installed french doors.

I nailed a temporary stop to the sill and then installed a drop bolt on the wrong door so that I could batten down these doors without using one of my strange brackets.

Then I removed the bracket and stored it away.

I removed and stored away the acro props and the scaffolding as well.

To prepare for installing the stairwell window I removed some of the temporary roof in that area and took measurements.

I will need to prepare a window frame for this - paint strip and repaint with primer and enamel.

It was moving in to twilight now.

Ian from next door visited and after discussing various aspects of the build I was showing him the front door.

I could see that the door sill was suffering from exposure (cracks starting to appear) so I performed a hasty coating with decking oil.

Jim and Sandy turned up while I was doing this and helped me.

This is starting to sheet home that it is preferable to build the veranda next instead of the loft.

Replaced top plate bolted and painted

Temporary sill stop and drop bolt

Preparing for the stairwell window frame