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2009-Dec-19 - Wooroloo - Internal Cladding # 4
First off, I added all the additional screws required to fix the installed sheets fully.

Last week I found that the 1/8th inch pilot drill bits were becoming blunt within a few minutes of use.

During the week, the penny dropped - it was drilling through the cement sheeting that was degarding them so quickly. So now I have added an extra step - predrill the cement sheeting with a masonary drill bit.

There are now quite a few steps to insert a single fastener - predrill with masonary bit, predrill with a very large masonary bit to effectively countersink the screw head, drill in to the stud frame steel with a steel bit, drive the screw in with a tek gun.

The second task for the day was to cut out around any power leads passing through the sheeting to reveal the GPO mounting bracket holes.

This turned out reasonably well though some of the outlines look a bit rough (they will be covered up)

To avoid cutting the cable while working on the cutout, I curl the cable out of the way before installing the cement sheeting, then fish the cable out when the cut out is complete.

Kaj and I then went on to cut and install sheeting near the power box at the roller doors and the lower level of the creek side.

I did all the work on cutting and installing insulation (this is one of Kaj's least favourite jobs) and then the two of us worked on cutting the sheets to size and fastening them.

When I look back over the day - I seem to have achieved bugger all. Kaj on the other hand completed all sorts of useful tasks - counting the purlins, wrapping plumbing in Denzo tape, trenching in the workshop area, painting beams.

Near the roller door and power box

Street side garage door almost complete


Street side garage wall

Creek side garage wall

Beams painted by Kaj