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2022-Jun-11 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #4

About a year ago I scored a number of door jambes at a very reasonable price.

I sorted through them looking for the best fit for the street level toilet. I loaded them on to the utility.

I also loaded the 820 mm oregon door that had survived the termites.

Saturday's project is to roughly install the toilet door to determine if the revised 1800 x 1200 area will be sufficient.


Once out on site, along with almost every tool I posess, I cleaned up the jambes and door (hinges, stops, etc).

I cut the overhead piece of the door frame down to 720 mm and re-established the rebate for the joint.

I also cut the door down to 720 mm.

All this went perfectly but the rebating for the hinges was a major balls up and the hanging of the door was also pretty iffy.

Not too big a problem as it will all need to come out again, be stripped down (so that there is no lead based paint in the house), patched, primed and top coated.


I was overjoyed that Richard the plumber could make it to us.

He rebuilt the waste drainage - looks like a very nice job and reworked the gas line (on Tuesday - I wasn't there).

Now I need to install the fibre cement floor for the toilet and frame it up - before Richard can do any more.

Toilet door roughly installed

After first day of plumbing