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2022-Jun-4 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #3

The sheet of fibro cement is still on the trailer and I really need to remove it this weekend.

It's incredibly heavy and I believe that I would need 4 people to move it by brute force.

To move it, on my own, I spent the whole day building a trolley.

This will let me transfer it off the trailer, to the back veranda and through one of the double doors.

After that, I don't yet know how I will move it to where it is required - something that will be worked out over the next few weeks.

I had hoped to build this in a couple of hours on Friday.

Then when that was revealed as unrealistic - I hoped to finish it early on Saturday morning.

In the end, I finally finished it Saturday evening.

I will take it out to site on Sunday, along with the trailer and attempt to make the transfer.


I had a whole complex sequence of operations in mind - that would have taken me about 3 hours to complete.

I used the trolley but Jim turned up and helped me move the sheet in to the front room in 20 minutes.

Many thanks Jim - you are a hero !

I did not even need to attach the chip board surface that was part of my plan.

I've removed the pneumatic castors from the trolley and brought them home.

The trolley body now very neatly leans up against one of the walls and takes up hardly any room.

One of the tyres is leaking and I have already purchased a replacement tube.

Still needs a chip board top surface

Very heavy fibre cement moved in to front room