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2009-Nov-14 - Wooroloo - Timber Stops around garage entrance
Kaj (from Sweden) is staying with us as a WWOOFER at the moment.

He has a lot of experience in building and construction.

It is like an angel has been sent to help me with the house !

We needed to ready the external surface around the garage doors in preparation for Tony M to fit the timber stops.

The first step was to pop off all the existing metal flashing around the doors.

We then installed insulation in to all the cavities of the wall and added any missing building foil over the top.

The flashing was reinstalled with the foil tucked under the flashing and then additional flashing was installed over the top of the doors.

This went incredibly quickly with the help of an extra pair of hands.

Tony M arrived and after installing the laundry door he went on to install the timber stops for the weatherboard - he finished just as dusk was approaching.

Kaj and the completed flashing

Flashing detail

After Tony M installed the timber stops