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2009-Nov-14 - Wooroloo - Laundry Door #3
I very carefully loaded the door on to the trailer, on top of bubble wrap, and tied it down, protected by cardboard strips.

Tony M arrived at 2.00 pm and performed a mysterious and complicated series of steps to install the door.

Unfortunately it looks like I was premature in priming and enamelling as large swaths of the surface needed to be planed off in various places.

It's probably going to take several weekends to sand back and repaint the affected areas.

The previous day I had a practice run installing a new door latch in to a a piece of scrap wood - I had a few 'learning experiences' in the process and this saved me messing up the real door.

I fitted the dead latch myself while Tony M installed the wooden corner stop around the garage entrance - so a very historic moment :-)

The house is now at lockup stage !!!!

Looks perfect from inside

Door had to lose a bit of paint on the outside