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2009-Nov-11 - Wooroloo - Cement Sheet Cladding #6
There is a little bit of the slab in contact with the cement sheeting that is a tad untidy - this is where the power conduits pass through the edge of the slabs.

The conduits were embedded in the cement when the slab was created - it was't totally successful - uneven in height with some cracking away of the thin piece of edge.

In order to install the cement sheeting I had to chip and grind some of this rough cementing away.

Now I need to do a little bit of work to tidy this up.

I've bought a bag of premixed concrete. I'll just box up the area involved, clean out any dirt and dust, and pour a 50mm fill in to it.

There is no structural consideration - we just want to stop creepy crawlies enterering the garage space through these gaps.