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2022-May-28 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #2

Today I wanted to dig a trench that would allow the laundry trough waste line to hook directly in to a 100 mm line and also allow the DT to be moved to its vicinity.

I had to first spend several hours moving various purlins to another stacking site.

Digging the trench took a few hours as well - we are talking about Boral Quarry Dust - which forms an almost cement top layer. It's quite a lot harder to dig than sand.

I finished this mid afternoon and made a start on excavating the earth wall back to the corner of the building.


Linda was quite keen to move a couple of derelict recliner arm chairs out to site - both to give me something to relax in and also to remove some of the congestion from our lounge room at home.

Jim and Sandy visited.

While Linda and Sandy had a good natter - Jim helped me to further excavate the earth wall.

After He and Sandy left I spent at least another hour, desperately working in to the fading light to finish the job.

I just made it - now there is good access around the front corner of the building.


I had a very busy day helping a client but betwen bouts with their system I managed to drop down to Midland Timber and pick up my ordered pack of 24 x 45 x 90 H3 pine.

Linda was organising the purchase of a 720 mm internal door for the street level toilet.

Also some fibre cement product.

After discussing the appearance of the doors we went to look at some lovely 8 panel doors that I have been storing away for years and years.

I was very upset to find that these had been attacked by white ants and I gruffly told Linda to go away so that I could drag out the doors and see how bad the damage was.

I slipped over and 5 doors landed on me one by one.

I ended up pinned underneath them to the floor and had to drag myself out.

I became even more bad tempered and told Linda to just buy modern doors for the street level.

Linda came back an hour later and calmed me down and suggested that we have another look at the doors as, from what she observed, not all of them were damaged.

In the end we found that 3 were complete write offs and 5 were still usable.

Of these, I will reduce one of them from 800mm down to 720 mm to use as the toilet door and have matching styles to the other rooms.

The rest of the day was hard work while I unloaded the pack of 90 x 45 and also moved the doors to a safer site.


I had a meeting with a client in the morning, but in the early afternoon we set of to Midland for a number of chores.

We picked up our fibre cement sheet from Perth Building Suppliers in Runion Rd Midvale.

With building materials in short supply they could not obtain 2 x 1800 x 600 but instead 1 x 1800 x 1200.

I decided to investigate reducing the width of the toilet down from 1300 mm to 1200 mm and get away with just one sheet.

It is extremely heavy and I still don't know how I am going to get it off the trailer and in to the front room out on site.

We also went to Bunnings and bought a toilet and vey small basin which we will keep at home for the moment.

New trench to laundry waste

Earth wall excavated