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2009-Oct-3 - Wooroloo - Cement Sheet Cladding #2
I managed to install the second and third strips of sisalation.

This was rather frustrating as I would have one end almost perfectly set up and then the other end would become detached.

After much swearing and cursing and running backwards and forwards between two ladders I finally had it installed millimetre perfect.

Next I started fitting the 1200 x 3000 mm cement sheeting (4.5mm thick)

This was quite tricky as I needed to fit around the bottom of the power box, and sit it on top of the slightly protuding slab.

I wasted one sheet because I measured the width of the cutout incorrectly.

However, by trial fitting this wasted sheet I did learn a few more adjustments that I needed to make and the second attempt was perfect.

I've been holding back on this wall a bit as I seemed to have a mental block about starting it.

Hopefully I'm on a roll now and I'm looking forward to 'Getting in to it'

Also we have a tree hanging over the construction site.

I have left it until now as it provided shade while I was building the temporary roof

We recently acquired a telescopic electric chainsaw for pruning trees on our Mundaring block (the power authority ties pink ribbons around any tree that they think is a threat to their power lines).

I climbed up a 2.7 m ladder, on top of the roof and waved the chainsaw around.

After a point it became too dangerous to use - if I was overstretched I would not be able to control its heavy head weight after it had cut through a branch.

However, I did manage to cut off several metres of dead wood that were all adding to the risk of a major limb fall on to the house

Sisalation fitted

First sheet installed

Pruning the overhanging tree