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2009-Aug-29 - Wooroloo - Garage Doors #4
Firstly I painted the header section of the garage door frame (Linda had already painted the vertical sections).

This is going to need at least two coats.

The flushing work I did at the centre panel does not look very professional - the joining strip is showing through and somehow, when I sanded it back I managed to make it look concave.

I'll have to get some advice on technique.

It won't be a real disaster as the garage door tracks will cover a lot of these sins.

Next I unpacked the second hand gyprock that I had stored behind the site toilet.

This was in pretty good condition though the top two boards were a bit beaten and fragmented.

I wasted time trying to install some that was disintegrating.

At one point I had carefully cut a 300 mm strip to size and the end to square - only to have it fold up in my hands as I lifted it up to the ceiling.

I'ts a bit tricky working with long lengths of board on your own.

What we are trying to do is install 300mm strips where the roller door tracks need to be mounted.

I still need plenty of access for electrical cable - this is why I am not cladding the entire ceiling yet.

Once I got in to the swing of what was suitable, I spent another two hours cutting up 6 x 2740 x 300 mm strips and 6 x 1200 x 300 mm strips.

Then I stayed back to 9.00 pm installing half of these

I don't know what happened to the day - I will need to come back tomorrow morning to finish of the other half of the garage.


Sunday morning, got out to site at 7.00 am and installed the last 3 strips. I timed it at an hour per strip - I just can't believe how long it takes.

I had just enough time to repaint the inside surfaces of the header and verticals.

Then I rushed home to meet Eddie and another Tony for coffee, cakes, conversation and a bit of work repacking boxes in the barn.

Garage door interior first coat of paint

Finish is less than brilliant

Setting up to cut gyprok in to strips

Gyprok strips installed for garage door tracks