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2009-Aug-22 - Wooroloo - Garage Doors #3
I thought we had better take a break from the hard slog and have a little relaxation this weekend.

Had an enjoyable breakfast at "The Patch of Country" in Mundaring.

Then on to Robin to buy some native shrubs to replace the ones we are having to cut down because of the Western Power pink ribbons

Next to Malz in Midland to replace the bottle jack I broke while lifting the Rodeo Utility up on to stands to work on the head.

Then to the Telstra shop to have my mobile phone repaired (can barely hear the ring tone)

Finally saw "Coraline" at the cinema.

Sunday - took out one of the ribboned trees just as Mark Debelich arrived to help me set up SBS 2003 on a 'new' very nice server machine.

Took all day to to that.

Mark very generously stayed all day to help

Here is the To Do List for the house that we didn't get to.:

  • Install plasterboard strips for overhead tracks
  • Flush plasterboard joints and screw heads
  • Install external flashing over doors
  • Rust convert remainder of main beam, laterals & external PFC (Linda)
  • Attach new carrier for dorfs
  • Pull cable (Linda)