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2009-Aug-7 - Wooroloo - Garage Doors #1
The villaboard I had ordered for the inside face of the garage entrance had arrived at the local hardware - so I went around and collected it with the trailer. A bit of a scary load - one sheet was 4.2 m x 1.2 m, the other 2.4 m x 1.2 m.

The week before I had bought diamond tipped blades for the little 7 1/4 inch saw and the 4 inch angle grinder, plus plasterboard fixing glue, scews and filler - so I was all set for the job.

The first thing I did was calculate how much scrap I would have left over and used this to install some temporary board on either side of the garage entrance. The idea here is, once the door is installed, and it is difficult to reach the corners when installing the side wall - a small gap on the LHS and RHS will be used to retain the side walls at the corners.

The diamond tipped blades worked a treat - a lot easier than the good old guillotine I remember from childhood.

I cut the 4.2 x 1.2 in to two 4.2 x .6m lengths and after a bit of trimming and shaping - these fitted across the tops of the garage door frames. Linda was invaluable helping me to hold these panels up and check for fit.

We then glued and scewed them on to the steel stud frame.

This was a fairly lengthly process until we gained some experience. It would have been almost impossible on my own.

Linda continued the rust conversion project I started last week while I cut out the vertical panels for the upright column sections of the wall. These are just tacked in place until I can get back next week and install them properly.

Next week we will flush the joints and hopefully install the flashing (if it has arrived)

I felt that we had a productive day..

Picked up the villaboard with the trailer

The headers installed (pretty good fit)

Headers - another view

Headers - from outside

Uprights temporarily installed