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2009-Aug-1 - Wooroloo - Installing WeatherTex Cladding - #10
Did a previsit on Friday to complete some caulking and priming so that the entire wall could be painted on Saturday.

One discovery I made was that it was very difficult to plug the gap between the top board and the PFC - if the gap was any more than 2mm all the compound just shot straight through the gap and created a big ball of gunk on the other side.

After reflecting on this overnight I realised that I just needed to stick some cloth tape on the other side to create a backing.

This was the first job on Saturday morning, followed by inserting the caulking along the full length of the joint.

I realised that I had forgotten a few supplies - power cords, tek gun, cloth tape, masking tape and 'Rust Kill' (Mission brown).

Unfortunately I had let my mobile run down so had to make a quick trip to the local phone box to call Linda.

Just as Linda arrived, I was starting to paint the top most six boards. I was thinking that I could do this while Linda made a start on rust converting the main beam inside, then I would swap with her while she painted the mid level boards. Linda had a much better idea - paint the upper and mid sections of the wall at the same time.

After that, Linda tidied up all the scraps from cutting the Weather Tex to length and I took down the tarpaulin and scaffolds, and set up the rolling scaffold inside to assist in painting the main beam.

I managed to work my way about a third along the beam - rubbing off loose rust and applying phosphoric acid.

I even managed to paint a small section near the door ways with "Rust Kill" Mission brown.

This will make it easier, next weekend, to fit the internal cladding around the door spaces.

I don't know where the day went - spent 12 hours out on site and still wish I'd got 10 other tasks done.

Wall all painted and tarpaulin removed

Rust converting / painting main beam