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2009-Jul-11 - Wooroloo - Installing WeatherTex Cladding - #7
Got up at 5.00 am in the dark and returned home at 7.00 pm in the dark.

First job on site was to sort out all the tarpaulins.

I took down all the tarpaulins covering the laundry area and now you can see the weatherboard wall easily.

Next I reinstalled the large tarpaulin - this time I nailed it to 5 metre 4x2 timbers tied up on the roof. I haven't seen how it behaves in a strong wind - so here's hoping.

Tony M arrived just then. An hour later we had the corner stop installed and two hours after that we had the first row installed. This was quite tricky as a fair bit of careful packing was required in one section of the wall where the frame diverges from the concrete base by 8mm.

Tony M cut the planks to length while I did all the drilling and fixing.

Just as dusk was falling, we managed to get to waist height.

While I was packing all my tools back in to my vehicle, Tony M inserted 'No More Gaps" between the boards at their junctions.

He'll come back a little later in the week to paint the wall we have installed so far.

The laundry wall unveiled

Protective tarpaulin for the long wall

Corner Stop and first row

Progress by the end of the day