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2021-Aug-14 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #35
This is the sixth day I have had to spend on cleaning up the storm damage.

I was out on site on Wednesday and Friday - cleaning up all the dropped fragments of plaster in the garage and loading all the gyprock pieces and insulation batts in to bags and on to the back of the utility.

I also spent many hours bringing the stacked outside timber back in to the garage.

Just on the off chance, I had rung the council on Friday to see if I would have any problems dropping this rubbish off at the transfer station.

It turns out that gyprock is not accepted so I will have to make a trip to the Red Hill tip and pay $60 odd.

So on Saturday, I decided to spend a couple of hours making the most of my $60.

I worked my way through the undercroft and added soiled battens and mouldy gyprock to the pile on the utility.

After this I removed two rows of sheeting from the roof and worked on relocating some of the supports to give a clear space to install more floorboards.

I also spent way to much time having coffee with Jim and Sandy - which was way more fun than actually working.

By now it was nearing the end of the day - I hurriedly fastened the roof sheeting down again and put away my tools, had my dinner and headed home.

I will head out to site again on Monday - I am not sure if my client has any work for me to do - if not I will get on to installing more floorboards.

Destroyed ceiling all loaded up for tip