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2009-May-30 - Wooroloo - Installing WeatherTex Cladding - #1
Headed out to the block with high hopes on Saturday. The intention was to install cladding on the laundry wall - the smallest, least visible wall where I could make beginner's mistakes.

I needed to do a lot of tasks - use the laser level to set out bottom starting position, attach all starting strips, grind off steel on the veranda beam, install speed bracing tighteners, jack hammer off dags on slab, roll out and batten sisilation, attach cladding.

Suffice it to say - I did not achieve my objectives.

I worked on it on Saturday, with some help from Tony M and on the Monday public holiday.

The laser levelling went well but then I realised that the bottom plates of the stud walls were very messy - full of sand and leaves.

I used a combination of a leaf blower, vacuum cleaner and garden hose to clean this up - took quite a few hours.

Then attaching the starter strips for the WeatherTex was also a very slow process - quick enough in the garage area where I could screw straight in to the steel framing, but very slow in the laundry area where I needed to masonary drill in to the side of the slab and insert rawl plugs.

I was trying to work to an accuracy of 1 or 2 mm and this is very hard to achieve when drilling in to cement with a large hammer drill. However, with persistence I did quite a good job.

I also needed to chip away some of the earth on the laundry wall side to give me enough room to swing a large drill.

Several metres of slab also had significant amounts of dags that needed cleaning off with a jack hammer otherwise it would have obstructed the starter strips or first row of weathertex.

Tony M arrived after 2.00 am and I set him to work installing the speed bracing tighteners. These are very handy little screw clamps that really put some tension on the hoop iron and significantly stiffen up the stud walls.

I will also get Tony M back during the week to finish this off and prime up the backs of those weathertex planks that will be closer to the pavement than allowed in the WeatherTex specifications.

Easy bit - starter strip onto steel stud frame

A lot of jack hammer work along this strip

Using rawl plugs in to masonary

The most awkward bit - limited room to swing drill