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2009-May-23 - Wooroloo - Preparing Timber End Stops
I have two corner positions where the weather board cladding will need to butt up against a timber stop.

The common practice is to take a piece of 70 x 35 mm treated pine and attach it to the stud frame.

I decided I wanted something nicer than this - some square, dressed jarrah rebated to fit on the corner.

During the week I got Tony M started on it using the router table.

However, he ran out of time and also had trouble getting the router bit locked down tight enough.

I finished the job off on Sunday morning using 4 passes on each piece of timber - 2 for width x 2 for height. I did a fairly good job of it except I should not have done the final pass on the outside edge of the timber - I had a lot of break out.

Got Tony M back again during the next week to clean it up and prime it - looks pretty good now.

End stops after cleaning up and priming