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2009-May-21 - Wooroloo - Excitement with the storms - pine tree about to fall
I had just finished a meeting with a client in Fremantle and was standing in Bunnings Melville pricing up 2.5mm power cable, when I received a phone call from Ross, my neighbour in Wooroloo.

"Tony - that dead pine tree has been eaten out by white ants at the base and is rocking around in the winds. Ian has tied it to his utility to keep it under control - but you really need to get it down today"

I made a call to our local tree loppers, and to Linda to coordinate.

I stopped in at Mundaring on the way through and picked up Linda, then on to Wooroloo.

When we arrived, there was a lone worker (he was heading home sick with a toothache when called out) with a cherry picker.

He tied the crown of the tree off against two other trees to stabliise it.

He said they would be back the next day to remove it. It is now a week later, and despite daily phone calls, the tree is still standing (or more accurately - sagging).

Ah well - there goes another $1200 out of my budget :-(

We could have been worse off I suppose - some houses were without power for 48 hours after these storms and a lot of trees were down all over the metro area.

Base of pine tree is fractured

Bare spot after removal