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2021-Aug-6 - Wooroloo - Loft Floorboards #34
There was no blog for last week - I was frantically working for my client - attempting to document 15 years of development in 3 days.

This week, with a fine day forecast for Friday and rain for Saturday afternoon - I decided to work on site on Friday, stay overnight, and do whatever I could do before the rain came in.

On my last visit, in the last 20 minutes, I had placed another 4 runs of floorboards and tightened the clamps.

On Friday, I perfomed the more time consuming tasks - measuring for consistent width, tightening the clamps even further and tapping each run in to line.

After fixing down the runs I had to deal with clearance for the next set.

This involves cutting out pieces of the mid position support frames and bolting back previous pieces as I progress along.

This is very time consuming and took me almost 3 hours.

It was the end of the day by now.

The next morning, I was on to work by 7.00 am.

I placed the next 4 rows, changed over to a longer set of pipe clamps and began fixing the boards down.

I thought I was going brilliantly until I realised that I had swapped the position of two pieces and none of the preformed holes were above the joists.

This took about 45 minutes to undo and start all over again.

Eventually I had the runs fixed down and I was starting to contemplate how to hack up the next set of supporting frames.

At this point I checked the weather radar and could see that sporadic showers were due in about 30 minutes.

I had a lot of tools laying around and two runs of sheeting off - so a lot of work to button up the site and put everything away.

The process of fastening the roof sheeting down again, rolling out the black plastic covering and stowing the large overhead tarpaulin takes me about 45 minutes each time.

I can't think of any alternative if I want to keep going on this during winter.

The whole process is very inefficent but I will keep soldiering on.

I'm either a hero or very, very stupid - not sure which - only history will tell.

My apologies for the quality of the photograph - it was taken using a flash under the temporary roof sheeting once I had closed the site down.

Progress by end of Saturday