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2009-May-10 - Wooroloo - Electricians #1
Used a 25mm hole saw to prepare pathways through the steel stud frame to assist the electricians to pull the cable runs.

There was already a handy set of holes at the top of each stud just under the top plate.

The main effort was creating a pathway around the 75 x 75 x 4 mm columns whenever they were encountered - for this I had to go up through the top plate, through a purlin and then back down through the top plate after working past the column

I also set up a series of holes just above the noggings. These holes will be useful for reaching the majority of the electrical sockets.

I used the green drill gunge liberally and I think that helped a little.

The main time consumer was periodically needing to straighten out the drill bit of the hole saw.

It seemed that whenever I was forced to create a slightly diagonal (oval) cut it was very easy for the saw to grab and deflect the drill bit.

The best solid surface I had for hammering on - turned out to be the top of a veranda screw pile that was just level with the ground.

I looked quite strange, lying flat on the ground, with my cheek in the sand, rolling the drill bit across the surface looking for gaps and hammering out the bends.

Everywhere I had to go through a top plate - I drilled 3 sets of holes. I'm probably going to need to place a set of 3 holes through every purlin as well - but that is a lot of work and I think I will wait and see if the electricians really need them.

Tools for today's work

Holes created above noggings

Getting through the standard bridging

Getting through the top plate

Getting through the purlin