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2009-May-2 - Wooroloo - Installing Temporary Roof # 12
Just some finishing details on the roof.

Ian suggested I should tek screw the leading edge on any sheets that looked a bit loose to stop water driving up during a storm.

I did this to the most recent sheets but still need to spend some time on some of the earlier sheets.

Also I finished off the curved edge right at the front right corner. Used my metal sheet nibbler to cut the last remaining sheet needed to fit neatly in to the profile and then folded some barge capping around it.

Started spraying all the unpainted sheets with 'Woodlands Grey'. Used up the last of my 10 litre can and begged Linda to buy another 4 litres at the hardware and drop it out to me.

Did some tidying up while waiting for Linda to arrive - folding away all the old scrappy tarpaulins I have been using.

Had to hold off spraying for a while until the roof cooled down a bit - then was racing against the darkness.

Finished just in time and took down the 'bridge'

Halfway through

All finished and tidied up