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2009-Apr-25 - Wooroloo - Installing Temporary Roof # 11
Hurray ! Finished the temporary roof !

Despite the preparatory work last week, it still took concentrated effort Monday through Friday to finalise the roof frames - framing nailing, chamfering, strapping, lower brackets, loading sheet iron and insulation on to the trailer.

I just managed to have everything ready by Friday night.

Linda came and helped me Saturday - this made a tremendous difference - we were able to install the frames and screw down the sheet iron in one day (takes me two days on my own)

On Sunday morning I returned to install the last row of sheeting that curves down from the frames on to the front edge.

Still need to tek screw some loose edges together, seal up any holes, finish off a curved sheet and barge capping and spray the entire lot with Woodlands Grey.

I can move on to the electrical first fit pretty soon !

I finally feel like I'm starting to move again.

Another load of roofing frames ready to go

Frames in, adding the insulation and sheeting

Almost finished