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2009-Apr-19 - Wooroloo - Installing Temporary Roof # 10
Didn't have the roofing frames ready in time to install this weekend (had to go to Karratha for a client during the week).

Instead I made sure I had the 100mm and 600 mm frames ready (the ones that need bolting down) and went out to site mid Sunday just to install these.

I also used my new chalk line to mark out the correct front edge and used a power saw to trim the last row of floorboards back to the final position.

I totally trashed a good saw blade - partly through hitting the purlins underneath, but mainly through hitting nails within the floorboards. (I had trimmed the nails off with an angle grinder, rather than fully denailing)

I bolted 4x2 timbers across the front edge so that when I install the last set of sheets I can curve it down instead of inserting triangular sheeting across an edge.