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2009-Mar-28 - Wooroloo - Protecting Stored Timber from White Ants
Some months back, while carrying rolls of insulation into a storage area - I felt a strange mound underfoot in the darkened room.

I didn't have time to investigate right then, and it was only a few weeks later that I found the shed partially occupied by termite mounds reminiscent of a scene from "Aliens".

Interestingly enough, they had only gone for the masonite in some hollow core doors and left various oregen 5 panel doors untouched.

The upshot of this is that it became urgent to lift my store of 2" x 5 " karri roofing timbers off the low level gluts

I have quite a few bed frames I have been collecting for the angle iron contents. Some of these have stout legs and just need an additional cross piece welded at the middle with a single supporting leg. They then make excellent storage platforms for timber with a good inspection space underneath.

I cannot finish off the last 20 square metres of floorboards at the moment as I am waiting for Tony M to finish cleaning my next batch of boards before I can end match them.

Instead I spent the weekend dealing with the white ant threat.

Also demolished some more pallets - need another 33 lower timber spans for the last set of roofing frames.

Bed frame with additional cross bracing welded in

Additional cross piece and centre leg

Salvaging cross pieces from pallets for roof frame