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2009-Feb-1 - Wooroloo - Installing Temporary Roof # 6
I had vainly hoped to be out at the block installing the frames this weekend and I had worked valiantly during the week to be prepared. However - it was all a "Bridge Too Far" so I accepted reality and resolved to spend the weekend completing preparations.

Spent most of Saturday chamfering the slope on to the top cross pieces and starting to fix the hoop iron cross bracing. Also drilled the extreme end frames ready to accept bolts and made up a set of 'bolts' from bulk threaded rods and nuts.

Linda did a very thorough job cleaning all the dirt out the threads of these bolts with a steel brush and some WD40. She was also very busy on the steel guilotine cutting up lengths of hoop iron for the cross bracing

Sunday was spent cleaning up the computer museum barn ready to accept some SGI donations - so unfortunately drained a lot of my resources from the building project.