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2009-Feb-7 - Wooroloo - Installing Temporary Roof # 7
Friday night, I had to spend about 4 hours loading up all the materials and tools on to the utility and trailer. I kept Linda busy, dashing all over the place helping me.

Saturday morning, up at 6.00 am and out to the block by 7.00 .

Linda came with me to help install the frames. She had to work on the more difficult, taller frames because I was filling in the void above the stair case. Hence a bit slower than last time - but still great to have the assistance and the company.

The whole process seemed a lot harder and slower than before. It took us all of Saturday to get the frames in and it took me, on my own, all of Sunday to install the roof sheeting.

Strong winds did not help the process - just when I had neatly positioned the first strip of insulation (10m x 1.2m) and clouted down the ends, a stiff breeze blew it across the roof and ripped out the clouts.

Much swearing, and some feverish running around later, I had it back in position with copious hammers and boxes of tool anchoring it across its leading edge to prevent a repeat.

I found it very helpful to temporarily place some loose sheeting under the insulation while positioning it - this helps prevent sagging without having to overstretch the material.

I'm pleased that I managed to finish off all the details - ie vertical sheeting to seal in the end, and ridge capping all the way across.

I had contemplated taking the compressor and air spray with me to paint the sheets in situ, but thankfully I was realistic enough to accept that this was not going to happen on Sunday.

Very tired at the end of the job.

Stair case void filled in with chipboard

Frames in position & first strip of insulation

The roof surface at the end of the day

View from the street