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2009-Jan-24 - Wooroloo - Installing Temporary Roof # 5
Pulled together all the materials needed for the 3rd set of roof frames.

I didn't realise how much of my time the demolition job had taken - normally when I go to pull together a set of roofing frames I find that I have just about prepared all the lengths during my work breaks. This time I had to start from zero.

I did however have 21 lower beams for frames already prepared (see previous comments about laminating 3 pieces of pallet cladding).

Although I needed 36 altogether - this was enough to get Linda helping me with making up the strappings out of hoop iron. We sat on our southern veranda, with bulk hoop iron, the small metal cutting guillotine and some pliers and made up all the straps we needed.

I also kept Linda busy sorting and choosing the uprights for the frames and the 4x2 jarrah pieces used at the extreme ends where bolting is involved.

While Linda was occupied, I made up more lower braces for the frames using two pieces of pallet cladding and the nail gun. I also docked the cable drum timbers from Ian to make up the top cross pieces. A few of the uprights were a bit tatty so I replaced these with fresh ones I cut from the supply of 90 x 45 mm pine lengths salvaged from pallets.

During the week I nail gunned all the frames together.